Change of Plans

September 2, 2014 As you know, the Ebola outbreak is spreading at a rapid pace in many countries throughout Africa. My original voyage itinerary included three countries in that unique continent: Morocco, Senegal, and Ghana. Semester at Sea has been closely monitoring the outbreak and also working with the World Health Organization to ensure the… Read More Change of Plans

Dry Land

August 30, 2014 I stepped foot off the ship and walked on solid ground cautiously. Honestly, I was a little nervous. With all that’s happing with Russia and the Ukraine, my family’s deep concern about my first port, and the extensive safety warnings Semester at Sea had given me, walking on Russian soil was a… Read More Dry Land

Sail with Me

Okay, readers. This is it. The big news. For the next few months “What Are This?” will be a little different. IT’S GOING GLOBAL! For the fall semester this year I will be studying abroad… in a big way. This isn’t your average student trip that many college students today go on – where they… Read More Sail with Me