Paint Me a Picture

August 31, 2014

The Winter Palace is one of the jewels of St. Petersburg. Once the home of Catherine the Great, its elegance is stunning. It is now home to The Hermitage Museum. 189 IMG_1705


Most of the rooms had ceilings that were more interesting than what was being displayed. Get a load of that craftsmanship!

 210 213 IMG_1735 IMG_1775 IMG_1789 IMG_1801

I’m not really an art person. I’m not one to stand for hours in art exhibits. Actually I know little to nothing about art; however, I do recognize the names of some of the most famous artists in history, and boy did I see a bunch of them yesterday.




Da Vinci.








Van Gogh.




No, I may not be an art person, but it was fascinating taking in those timeless pieces by names I’ve been hearing about for my entire life. I’ve been inspired! I may start finger-painting again.


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