Sail with Me

Okay, readers. This is it. The big news.

For the next few months “What Are This?” will be a little different. IT’S GOING GLOBAL!

For the fall semester this year I will be studying abroad… in a big way. This isn’t your average student trip that many college students today go on – where they stay in a foreign country for a while and earn credit. I’m about to literally travel the world.

I’m doing a program entitled “Semester at Sea.” I’ll be taking all my classes on a ship. It’s basically a floating university. While on the ship, I’ll be stopping at several ports all over the globe to experience numerous cultures. Want to know where I’m going?

In two weeks from now I’m flying to London to board the ship (but not before I experience the UK a little). The first stop is Russia. After that I’ll light up Europe, visiting Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. I’ll then see Morocco, Senegal, and Ghana. Next, is a week and a half voyage from Africa to Brazil. Then it’s up to Barbados and Cuba. I’ll eventually end up in Florida.

108 days. 18 ports. 16 countries. 5 continents. SAS


So posts in the upcoming months will not involve the randomness of being on a college campus or any of my amateur movie critiques. They’ll involve life on the seas and my incredible experiences traveling the world, but you can rest assured that they will still have my goofy essence. Internet on the ship is limited, so I can usually only post while I’m in ports. To keep you up-to-date, I’ll probably give you numerous posts at a time. I’ll post a few pictures too!

Be sure to comment here on the blog or on my Facebook page so I can hear from you! By doing that, I can take you all with me and in turn I can give you a little piece of the world through my eyes. So get connected, get ready, and sail with me.

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