Squirting Poultry

September 1, 2014

Today was our last day in St. Petersburg. I spent it doing a field lab for one of my classes. First, we had a brief stop at the St. Nicholas Church. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but it was like made of gold, laced with gold, and painted with gold. Did I mention it had gold?


Then we were treated to this really fancy Russian Restaurant with a three-course meal. The main course was chicken that was heavily breaded and infused with this creamy, buttery sauce. The only downfall was the fact that the chicken squirted the creamy, buttery sauce all over the place when it was cut into; I had to take a tide-to-go-pen to my pants.


Anyway, the meal was followed by a trip to Pavlovsk’s Garden, which was 600 acres of forests, pathways, statues, streams, monuments, and the insanely huge Pavlovsk’s Palace. The guy knew how to set up a pad.

 037 IMG_1843 IMG_1862

All in all, St. Petersburg was not what I was expecting when I pictured Russia. It’s been incredible, and now as it’s fading into the distance, I’ll genuinely miss it.


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