Back by Popular Demand

Guess who’s back. Back again. Guess who’s back. Tell a friend.

I realize it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I moved back home from college a week ago. Since then, people have been asking me nonstop about a new post. The truth is, the end of the semester was so crazy that I needed a complete break from basically everything.

My first two days after moving back were spent in bed with Netflix and a gallon of apple juice. I neither had the energy nor the determination to do anything else.

Over the last week, I have started putting a few items away, but I’ve been seemingly unsuccessful… you can fit more items into a dorm than you’d think.

I’ve also returned to my high school job, and after cramming in the Papa John’s from campus for two semesters, being in a Pizza Hut is actually a nice change of pace.

There will be a plethora of “What Are This?” moments that will arise this summer, and I could write you a book over this past week. This was just a little post to say that I’m back and better than ever.

Bring out the shades and flip flops; it’s going to be a “What Are This?” summer!

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