From Ice Buckets to Swimming Pools: The Cold Water Challenge

The latest Facebook trend in the south is undoubtedly the “Cold Water Challenge.” This possibly has not traveled to the north yet, or maybe it has already passed there and is just now making its way to my little county. Nevertheless, my Facebook feed is a quilted pattern of people getting soaked for a cause.

If you haven’t heard of the challenge, let me fill you in. A person must be recorded while being submerged in cold water and post the video to social media. Didn’t see that one coming did you? That’s not all of it. Before getting soaked, that person must pick a charity and donate $10 to it. He/she must also challenge three or four others to complete the stunt. If those people choose to accept the challenge, then they must donate $10 to the charity of their choice and challenge three or four others. If the challenge is not accepted, then that person must donate $100 to the original person’s charity. Everyone has twenty-four hours to accomplish the feat after being challenged. All of these rules must be stated in the video posted.

This, in turn, has caused a massive chain reaction of donations to numerous charities and a slue of hilarious home videos. They’ve involved ice buckets, swimming pools, water hoses, bathtubs, creeks, lakes, and even animal feeding troughs.

I (along with about half of my county) accepted the challenge yesterday. I went to a neighbor’s pool, took the plunge, and donated my $10 to Relay for Life. Just about everyone in my family has done the challenge by now, but the most entertaining by far was my grandmother’s challenge. My grandma would rather pay taxes than get her hair wet, so the fact that she was accepting the challenge was a monumental feat. Her strategy was to stand beneath her elevated carport, give her little rule speech, and then have my grandfather dump an extremely large, tub-like container of water on her. I was instructed to capture the moment for Facebook. She said her few words and shut her eyes to prepare for the downpour. Right before the first drop of water trickled out of the tub, my phone stopped recording and said, “Insufficient storage space for video.”


But it was too late… my grandpa couldn’t control the water and the hair became wet.

A change of clothes, a different phone, a towel, and a few disapproving looks later, my grandma had to get doused for second time. Her hair was wet twice in one day and history was made.

3 thoughts on “From Ice Buckets to Swimming Pools: The Cold Water Challenge

    1. It’s SO hilarious! Some people put their own spin on their videos by doing flips into a pool or slipping into an ice bath. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to raise money for a lot of great charities. You should start it with your Facebook friends!

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