Four Hands

When I accepted my position with Harlaxton over a year ago, one of my friends skipped the congratulations and immediately said he was coming to see me while I worked here. A couple of months later, two more from the same friend group said they were following suit. At the time, I really didn’t believe… Read More Four Hands

Every Hallmark Movie You’ve Ever Seen

Like thousands of spectators, my grandmother lives for Hallmark Channel movies. She plans her entire December around the Christmas ones, and I say with utmost certainty that she has seen them all—even the 30+ films that Hallmark has released this holiday season alone. You can tell Hallmark movies are usually pretty low-budgeted. There’s extreme product-placement… Read More Every Hallmark Movie You’ve Ever Seen

The Deli

Nestled on winding Highway 68 between Edmonton and Sulphur Well, there is a landmark. It does not bear a monument, nor does it have historical significance. It is a small, white building dividing the hills of cow pastures and hay fields in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. It is 10 miles from anywhere else with a cash register and it stands next door to a recycling center that some call a junk yard. Its beacon is a letter-slider marquee, bought from a Dairy Queen that went out of business in a neighboring town.… Read More The Deli