What Are This? 2.0

Back by popular demand. And, well, mostly because I miss clicking away at keys and creating something to share with the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the launch of the new and improved What Are This.

If you’re wondering why I was gone for so long, life kind of got in the way of my personal writing. I was a college student, and an overly-involved one at that. Among being an ambassador for three different groups, I pursued English and journalism while working for a newspaper. I had neither the time nor the motivation to persistently write for fun.

I’m a graduate now, and I have a little more time on my hands. I decided to get back to my blog and take you on the curvy, unconventional, but usually amusing ride that is my life. Hop in the passenger’s seat and try not to get carsick.

If you read my blog before, you will notice a few changes and a few similarities.

Here’s what to expect:

A new style.

It looks different and feels different. It will be a little more artistic and a lot less like a freshman college student’s first writing experiment. Since we last met, I learned a lot about myself, media, aesthetics, form, and—most importantly—writing.

A new way to show myself to you.

I previously tried to keep a veil of mystery with my blog. Why? I’m honestly not sure. I was writing about things I saw, but I never really showed myself in pictures or opinions. Look for a lot more personality this go-around. So, here’s a start. Hi, I’m Bryson. Nice to meet you. Read more about me under the “About the Author” tab.

The same casserole of sarcasm, wit, and humor.

If you know me well, you know there are a few different sides of me. I can be a serious professional or a laid-back, chill guy. I can be a Type A control freak. I can also be a goof. My blog posts will reflect that, just as they have always done.

A combination of entertainment, issues, and my life’s saga of randomness.

What Are This began as a humor blog and focused around the everyday moments that make you say something like, “Um, what?” It, then, transitioned into a travel blog as I sojourned the world by sea for four months. The new What Are This will still have those elements plus more. I will write about things like hilarious conversations I’ve heard in the coffee line, the essentials for hosting a successful scary movie night, and the adventures that I somehow encounter in my life.

Additionally, I’m going to sometimes bring in some density. Look for more posts about problems we face or life’s ah-hah moments. I’ve discovered that I can entertain people with the funny or adventurous events I come across, but I can also make people think. I have a voice that should not be confined to silliness. So, look for some occasional depth.

I’m so excited to rebrand myself, and I’m even more excited to get back to one of my passions: writing. I’m going to write about my thoughts and feelings, regardless if anyone reads them. However, if you’re reading this, I hope what I have to say either entertains or inspires you. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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