I’ll Fly Away

Have I mentioned that I’ve never flown before? Like, ever. I am now writing this from 36,000 feet above the Atlantic. We’re about 400 miles from London. 400 miles may seem like a lot, but considering the distance we’ve traveled, it’s really not.

So what has my first flying experience been like? Well, I had to take a flight to Houston before getting on a flight to London. First, my entire carry-on was searched, forcing me to put the puzzle back together in the line of traffic after the security checkpoint. Then, we were told the flight was going to be delayed twenty minutes because the crew was stuck in traffic. After the boarding call, I proceeded to climb aboard to find that my carry-on – which my father and I had measured at least fifteen times to make sure was regulation – was too big to fly with me in the small airplane going to Houston. They tagged it and informed me that I could pick it up as soon as we landed. Fine.

I soon realized why it was too big, because I viewed the interior of said plane. Let’s just say a school bus would have been roomier.

After finally getting in the air, I loved it. It was incredible… even when we were delayed twenty more minutes to avoid a storm. It was a nice view of some lightening.

We touched down in Texas and I retrieved my “oversize” carry-on, but with the delays, we were a tad pinched for time getting to our intercontinental flight, and when they say everything is bigger in Texas, they included airports.

Nevertheless, we made it to our flight with time to spare. The 747 is no comparison to the paper airplane we took to Houston. These nine hours have flown by, and there’s less than one to go! During this flight I have enjoyed two meals, made it to the high score list on the trivia game on my seat screen, watched American Hustle, and had a large nap over the Atlantic.

We’re so close, I can taste it. Despite the nap I’m a little exhausted, but when we get to London there will be things to do and places to see. I can sleep later.

If you’re reading this, that means there was internet capability to post it, which means that I have officially touched down in the UK. More details to come!

2 thoughts on “I’ll Fly Away

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the flight! Hope you were able to get some rest. Can’t wait to read along during your trip! Prayers!

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