Where Have I Been?

Yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in two weeks. Sorry. To catch you up, here’s everything I’ve done in the last two weeks in one sentence. Ready? Ok. I’ve, spent seven hours straight studying for a test, sat in a ten foot rocking chair, watched nine movies, went on a shopping spree, destroyed a bathroom stall in a state-line welcoming center, written five papers, slept for twelve hours in a row, and survived an ice storm. Any questions?

As you can tell, I’ve been pretty busy lately. My classes are bringing the heat around midterm time annnnnnnnd my studying abroad scholarships have been taking up a lot of time. Yes, I’m going to study abroad. I won’t tell you about all the places I’m going yet. That’s right. Places. Details will come soon enough.

Spring break is next week and I’m sure I will make up for my absence these last few days.

Since you haven’t spent time reading my blog lately, then you can spend time heading to my Facebook page and hitting the “Like” button! Be sure to hit it up at “What Are This? – WordPress Blog” and I’ll see you there!

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