When You Have a Snow Day, You’re Instantly a Kid Again

It is a well-known fact that snow days usually end after graduating high school. You lose the anticipation of getting a call from a recorded voice, seeing your school name flash across a T.V. screen, or viewing a frenzy of Facebook updates about the temporary closing of the asylum you call school.

I, myself, miss those snow days. All winter, while I would hear of my high school getting days off left and right, I was forced to drag my butt out of bed and trudge up an arctic tundra to a professor who didn’t want to be there anymore than I did. That was… until Monday.

A storm came like I’d never seen before on Sunday night, downpouring rain for hours before transitioning to sleet and eventually inches of snow. This concocted a solid coat of ice under a layer of white. I was doing homework –wanting to watch the Oscars – when I, and the rest of the world around me, got the alert message.

“All campuses will be closed Monday, March 3.” All civilization momentarily stopped in my dorm as screams of pure joy erupted coming from all directions and people began dancing in hallways, releasing the inner-kid inside them. I launched my homework across the room and joined in.

I – along with about ten other people – got to watch the Oscars after all. Then we had movie night, because the thought kept reoccurring to us… “THERE IS NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!”

I woke up at 11:00 Monday. No. Not a typo.
Then some friends and I decided to go sledding, but we’re college students and honestly… who brings a sled to college? So we grabed the tops of some storage totes. We put on countless layers and romped up a hill that seemed endless under sheets of ice. In fact, we busted our rumps on more occasions than one. When we arrived we noticed that everyone else did not have the foresight to bring sleds either, because we were surrounded by people hurling themselves down the slope on air mattresses, trash bags, garbage can lids, pizza boxes, and even shelves out of bookcases.

This turned out to be one of my favorite memories of college so far. It just goes to show you: you’re never too old for a snow day.

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