GPS: Global Problematic System

With my starting college this year, I’ve made a plethora of new friends from all over the state. A few of my best friends and I wanted to get together to celebrate Christmas, and I volunteered to host them at my home. However, I didn’t consider how difficult finding my home would be for them.

You see, I live a few miles out of an incredibly small town in south-central Kentucky, but this town is the largest in our county. The part of the county I live in is surrounded by country roads, which are nothing but curves, trees, and suicidal deer. Henceforth, people from around more-populated parts of the state thought they were coming to the end of the Earth while driving to my house, especially when their GPS lead them completely out of the way and through a lot of those back roads unnecessarily.

I received a call by one of them a few minutes before the expected arrival time. “Umm. Hey. We’re in the boonies, man. Do you live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods that look really sketchy?” When my reply was “no” I was then told that my friends had came completely the wrong way and their GPS told them my house was three miles from its actual location. After finally figuring out where they were by road names and directing them to my home, I received another call the second they pulled in the driveway.

“Hey! We have no idea where we are! We were following the GPS and we were lead to the edge of a creek!” It turns out that they had driven right by my house, kept going, and ended up in the boondocks as well.

The night was very enjoyable… after all transportation problems were solved. I also learned something: when friends from out of town are visiting my country home, tell them not to trust the GPS!

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