Finals Week: The Aftermath

Sorry for the absence over the last week. Finals Week was a little stressful to say the least. I did my fair share of cramming the weekend before. When I say “weekend before” I mean “Sunday night before.” I had two finals on Monday, the first beginning at 8:00. My campus lit the finals torch by serving free breakfast to its students. You would have thought they were handing out a free education; there was a line that stretched almost out of the building. Anyway, I waited impatiently, woofed down a bite, made haste to Starbucks for anything venti, and trudged up the hill for my exam (in a below-freezing temperature, I might add). I took my final, made it to the next one, finished it, and came back to my dorm to take a well-deserved nap.

That night, I had a repeat performance of the previous evening, but the final on Tuesday didn’t go as great as the previous two. Oh well. I still made an “A” in the class. Woot woot.

I had a free day on Wednesday, so you would be correct when you assumed that I slept most of the day. I also started packing because Thursday was to be my last day. The only thing that stood between myself and six weeks of glorious vacation was a final paper due on Thursday, with a seven-to-nine minute presentation over said paper, which just so happened to be thirty percent of my grade. No biggie.

My paper was done, but I finished my slideshow that went with my presentation on Thursday morning (I may have procrastinated a little). This made it slightly more stressful. The time finally came for me to end the semester and I personally don’t think I did too badly on my presentation. When that professor dismissed after what seemed to be an eternal chain of other presentations, I practically ran out of there screaming, “Free at last! Free at last!” It was difficult to maintain self-control.

Loading my vehicle was a struggle. It seemed that everyone was leaving at the same time. I had to park a good football field away and wait for a spot to open near my dorm. Then, even with my friend John Mark helping me, I had to make four trips because I had so much junk. When everything was finally loaded, I had to rearrange it in my truck because the initial arrangement required my seat to be pushed up so far that my chest was touching the steering wheel.

At last, I got to leave…
only to discover that I forgot to sign out after driving completely off campus.

“U” turn.

So now I know the impending hardship of the infamous college Finals Week. Everyone is stressed to the max, they’re ready for a break, and grades are hanging on the edge of a deathly cliff, waiting to be either rescued or pushed off. Some of the most ridiculous study sessions happened that week and there were actually de-stressors available all over campus such as massages, hot chocolate, Disney movies, and puppies specifically for petting. Seriously.

Nevertheless, I conquered Finals Week and won the victory of winter break. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything now that finals are over, it’s because I’ve been recovering with high doses of sleep, candy canes, and cheesy holiday movies. Merry Christmas to me.

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