Hush Hush

Everyone has that one friend that cannot be quite for the life of them. While whispering in your ear they might as well say it normally because everyone around them can hear what they’re saying. There are also the people that have voices that naturally carry. It’s not like they’re trying to talk loudly but their words just project. I have a friend that has a voice with a normal pitch so there is nothing annoying about the sound, but bless her heart, her voice is so loud. We literally have to tell her to hush sometimes because she is yelling to the point that people are staring. She kindly accepts our criticism and puts a lid on it because she knows her voice is so projectile.

Some people, however, are not as familiar with their volume as she is. This is awful, but have you ever been eating dinner at a restaurant or shopping in a grocery store and just wanted to tell someone to shut it? That was almost a pointless question because I know you have. You’ve been there. Don’t lie. I’m currently sitting and wasting time in a quiet, little lobby, yet some individual insists on professing his love for cats. Being an animal person, I’m glad you admire your kitties, but calm it down. You’re sharing your convo about them with the entire Northern hemisphere.

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