It’s Been a While

To my readers—new browsers and loyal followers—invested fans and bored critics. It’s been a while. Six years ago, I created What Are This while I was an unsophisticated freshman in a dorm room. It was simple and not-so-entertaining in its infancy as I was learning a lot about myself and how to write what people want to read. Since then, it has grown into a troubled toddler and an angsty teenager. And now, I think it’s reached the point where I am in life: mid-twenties, mature yet youthful, and still learning.

There have been times over the last six years when I have posted religiously on certain days of the week. Sometimes I’ve blogged as a travel journal for myself. Sometimes it’s been a portal for my loved ones to see me while I’m away. It’s been a comedic outlet. It’s been an adventure scrapbook. And there have been several times when I’ve left it dormant and I haven’t posted for months at a time—the last period being one of those dormancies. Whatever the reason for my hashing out words, What Are This has become a proud part of me. And I miss it. So after a nine-month hiatus, What Are This is back to bring you a glimpse into my world: journeys near and far, everyday occurrences, and What Are This moments that are dipped in sarcasm and hung to dry for your reading pleasure. 

I have a new look. This new aesthetic accompanies a few new parts about myself as well. So allow me to catch you up after not posting for almost a year. 

My last post was about a job update. It was an interim position working for the study abroad office at my alma mater. I stayed with that position for several months. I became friends with some coworkers. Jumped over a lot of hurdles. Lathered myself with professional development. I even traveled to Pakistan to help recruit for my university (yeah, I’ll fill you in on that eventually). But although the job was temporary and had its perks, it definitely wasn’t for me in the long run—too many finance tasks, spreadsheets, and math. I also found myself having to bend and stretch every day in order to adapt as the position itself was changing. I was an interim, after all. 

But one thing led to another, and I was asked to go on that student recruitment trip to Pakistan that I mentioned. And boy, was it a trip. Somewhere between trying goat brain masala and talking to a student who was ecstatic to come to my university, I had a revelation and knew my career path was suddenly veering into a new direction—an exciting direction.

I’m now officially an international recruitment and admissions counselor. I’m the lead international travel recruiter for my university, which means a significant portion of my job is traveling to other countries and promoting the school I love. I talk to students. I give presentations. I work tables at fairs. I connect with counselors and recruitment agents. Above all, I get to travel the world and meet people. It’s beautifully perfect for me. 

Obviously there are several travel plans on the near horizon, which is one of the reasons this blog is back in action. Between the long days of meeting students and 2AM flights, I’ll have a little time to explore this big, amazing world we have. But while it’s great to see the world, I’ve learned that it’s better to share the world. So brace yourselves, my readers, because I’m taking you along for the ride.

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