They Love Me In Belgium

September 16, 2014

Ahh, Belgium. Finally a land completely dedicated to chocolate and waffles! I am gaining weight just by walking along these streets! Seriously the food is salivating here.

We were docked in Antwerp, which is where the current European Special Olympic Games are being held. Here is a picture of the torch!



Antwerp is a beautiful city but I didn’t spend much time in it due to other travels in the area. Most of my time there was spent at night, which was great because everything was lit up. Here is a picture of the main cathedral. I ate dinner at a little café right below it so this was my dinning view one evening.



This is the city hall.



I went to Central Station because a waffle vendor there has some of the best in the city. Belgian waffles are good. Belgian chocolate is great. Combine these two with my love for white chocolate and we have complete indulgence. I had a waffle smothered in melted white chocolate and now all waffles I have for the rest of my life will be dull in comparison.


“What are this?” moment of the day: I was sitting and enjoying my white-chocolaty goodness in the station when I noticed all these people running around with neon armbands. They were dotted everywhere in the crowd. Then, they diffused into certain spots of the building and a camera crew came running down the stairs. They filmed the crowd for a few seconds and then ran up to me. A man with one of those film markers (the things that look like they’d be a real pain to get your fingers caught between) snapped the marker down, said a couple words that I couldn’t understand, and the cameraman focused on me for a few seconds. Then they ran off to another group of people. I was just sitting there eating my waffle.

Turns out they were filming a movie at the station and they were getting extra shots of random people. All the arm-banded people were crewmembers. Looks like I made the cut! You or I will probably never see the movie, but I just know it’s going to be a hit in Europe and I expect nothing less than an award nomination. They love me in Belgium!

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