The Struggle

People say letting go of the one you love is among the hardest things one does in life. Well, I think “packing for a semester-long, world exploration by sea” would also be placed highly on that list.

Have you ever done one of those abstract thinking questions where, say… you are crashing near a deserted island and you can only grab “X” amount of things from the first aid kit, or perhaps a comet is about to hit the Earth and you can only save “X” amount of people? Well for the last week I have been living out one of those hypothetical brainteasers as I have tried to fit enough stuff for three and a half months into two bags and a carry-on.

Let me just tell you… that is easier said than done. When you consider that my textbooks, laptop, shoes, and school supplies almost take up a bag alone, there’s not much room to work with. You’ve also got all my toiletries (it takes a lot to look this good), electronics, and versatile clothing suitable for countries around the globe. Then I also have a couple items just because: a mockingjay pin (don’t judge me), a deck of cards, and a Bible. I’m using those vacuum storage bags (side note: they work a lot better if you zip them up before you start vacuuming) and they have proved to conserve quite a bit of space, but still, the struggle is real. I haven’t even considered the weight limit on luggage yet. This is far too difficult, but I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and the puzzle must be completed before then!!!

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