My Biggest “What Are This?” Moment Yet

I am literally ecstatic beyond measure while writing this. I would have written it after it happened yesterday except I could not conjure words to describe my experience. What I’m about to tell you is the biggest “What are this?” moment ever recorded on this blog. Brace yourself.

While getting some groceries for my dorm I discovered that I needed gas. The gas station I normally go to is out by the exit from the interstate I take to drive to school when returning from home. I pulled into the place and began to pump when I saw a very distinctive car ascend from the exit and pull in. I say it was distinctive because it happened to be a stretched limo. “Uhm, okay?” I thought.

After filling up, I proceeded to walk in the empty store. The driver stepped in as well. He looked pretty legit. Tie. Hat. The works. While making my way to the candy stash to pick up some skittles I heard him mumbling something to the cashier. I made out words, “remain calm” and “needs to use the restroom.” Then I noticed the cashier. She was blonde, wore glasses, and I would say she looked to be about twenty. She had a look of pure shock mixed with excitement on her face.

Here’s where it gets good. Are you ready?

Then the automatic doors opened. In walked two, abnormally large, men. They looked like they could cause death by the strength of their pinkies. But behind them, was her. You’ll not believe it. It was Taylor Swift! Seriously.

After picking my jaw up off the floor and using every fiber of my being to keep from completely “fangirling,” I casually walked closer to her. You would have thought I threatened to kidnap her by the looks of her bodyguards. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hi.”

In an almost shaking voice I managed to get out, “Hi. Uhm… I’m a big fan of yours. Would you, uhm, mind if I got a picture with you?”

“I’d be happy to take a picture with you,” she replied, and as if she had spoken words to part the Red Sea, the bodyguards stepped aside. Her driver even volunteered to take the picture with my phone. After I thanked her, she proceeded to the restroom like nothing ever happened.

I paid for my skittles and gas, got in my truck, and was left completely numb of the world around me, tagged with a permanent smile. I had just met freaking Taylor Swift. With that being said, I hope you all had a wonderful April Fool’s Day.

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