Age Is But a Number

At church today, I was a little shocked because of what took place after the service. I witnessed two individuals get married at the drop of a hat. They literally only told a couple people less than twenty-four hours earlier. The shocking part was… they were both eighty-eight years old.

It gets even better. The two who got married were brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Let me explain. The woman lost her husband – a WWII veteran – years ago. She loves to go places but can’t get out and drive safely, especially at night.

The man just lost his wife of over sixty years (the woman’s sister) about a year ago. He had three sons, two of which are deceased. The other has a job that leads him all over the country so he rarely sees his father. The man has no grandchildren and lived alone in a different state. He really had no one.

The two had been spending a lot of time together lately and it was obvious that they enjoyed each other’s company. It’s not like they didn’t know each other well… they’ve been around each other for over sixty years. They explained today that they didn’t want to be lonely anymore and that they wanted to get married so they could live together and care for one another. They also said that they didn’t want a huge ceremony. They didn’t want a fuss to made over them. They just wanted a private wedding.

So, after the church service today, our preacher said, “Everyone please sit back down. Today, we will not be having Sunday School. We’re having a wedding.” Well naturally everyone started looking around, like, “Uhmmm. What?” Some of them started looking at me and I a returned a look that said, “NO WAY.” Preacherman then said, “Will the two being married please come up?” When the couple stood up and started making their way forward, the church erupted with smiles, “Awws,” and even a few tears of joy. The two went through with the basic ceremony and became husband and wife just two years shy of ninety.

Although this union was a little odd, it was probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. It really made me realize that despite age, you can always find the best things in life: happiness, fulfillment, and even love.

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