Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was Sunday and it was quite the unique experience this year. I went home and celebrated with my family over the weekend. They cooked me enough food to feed a small army and not a single item was healthy, take-out, or related to ramen noodles… at my request.

I came back to school on Sunday night and was welcomed by the growl of an approaching storm cloud. I knew that weather was expected to get a little sketchy, but since I made it back to campus before it started, I thought I was a champ. I proceeded to park my vehicle in the mile-high parking structure when the wind began to pick up. This wind was not your summer picnic breeze to say the least. It was the kind, rather, that could take you to the land of Oz.

I trudged back to the dorm and managed to keep my feet on the ground (although at one point I could have sworn I saw a flying cow). However, I discovered a flock of people in the lobby, because apparently we were under a tornado watch. Who would have thought?

We spent a while there as the storm passed and as a monsoon fell upon campus. After it was over and everything was clear, my friends and I decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for my birthday. It was still raining a little but not apocalyptically. However, the aftermath of the previous flood left the campus as a giant, muddy, pond. There were not puddles. There was A puddle. We were soaked from the knees, down. It was actually kind of fun.

After finally reaching the car, we made it to “B-Dubs” and it was great. Although a little unorthodox, it was a birthday that I shall not soon forget.

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