One of Those Days

Yesterday I had… one of those days.

You know the type. It’s as if the devil himself made it his personal goal to make you have a crappy day.

It began when I forgot to do part of my homework for a class. I have an hour and a half in between my first two classes on Wednesdays so I said, “I’ll just do it over lunch during my break.” So I did. With about twenty minutes left on my break, I realized that I had left more homework in my dorm room, which is about a ten-minute walk away.

No problem right? I would still have ten minutes to spare.

I made it to my room, placed the homework in my backpack, put my backpack down, and slipped into bathroom. Unfortunately, I did not take my room key with me.

During the two minutes that it took me to take care of business, my roommate came into the room, dropped off a book, and slipped out, naturally locking the door behind him.

When I realized my predicament, I found that I could not reach him on his cell phone. So I began to get distraught. The homework I had so diligently tried to retrieve was not going to get turned in. After about twenty minutes, my roommate answered his phone. I then had to meet him, take his key back to our room, unlock the door, find someone to give him his key later (because he had gone to class), and grab my backpack.

After doing this, I walked Olympic-style up a large hill to my class. And what response was I awarded with as I crept through the door?

“So nice of you to join us.”

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