Burn Baby Burn

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to an international festival. There were booths representing different countries from all over the world, each selling different cultural products and foods. I bought an Ecuadorian bracelet, Caribbean Lemonade, Serbian Chicken, and French Tiramisu (heavenly).

What I did not plan on buying was a SUNBURN.

What are this? It’s almost October! I did not figure that I should bathe in sunscreen before going outside for an hour. I also noticed that my friends didn’t manage to share my unwanted gift. I’m just one of those people who are destined to be burned; I have a really light complexion and my not-so-blonde hair has a slightly-red tint to it. Sunrays would surpass an entire beach full of half-naked people just to sink into my skin. Anyway, while everyone was sporting their jeans and cardigans today, while enjoying the crisp, beginning breezes of fall, I was chilling with the aloe, lobster style.

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