Every Hallmark Movie You’ve Ever Seen

Like thousands of spectators, my grandmother lives for Hallmark Channel movies. She plans her entire December around the Christmas ones, and I say with utmost certainty that she has seen them all—even the 30+ films that Hallmark has released this holiday season alone. You can tell Hallmark movies are usually pretty low-budgeted. There’s extreme product-placement… Read More Every Hallmark Movie You’ve Ever Seen

The Deli

Nestled on winding Highway 68 between Edmonton and Sulphur Well, there is a landmark. It does not bear a monument, nor does it have historical significance. It is a small, white building dividing the hills of cow pastures and hay fields in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. It is 10 miles from anywhere else with a cash register and it stands next door to a recycling center that some call a junk yard. Its beacon is a letter-slider marquee, bought from a Dairy Queen that went out of business in a neighboring town.… Read More The Deli