Here’s to the Twenty-Somethings

Your twenties are unique times. Whether you’re still in college or you’re about to hit the big 3-0, you’ve fully entered adulthood. Sometimes, it’s just as glamorous as you thought it would be. Sometimes it involves cleaning your toilet.

Regardless of what you’re doing in your twenties, you see major changes in your life as you hold the title of “twenty-something.” Here are a few of those changes:

You must actively plan to see your friends.

Between everyone’s work schedules, distances you must travel, and the ever-present obligations that slice weekends to pieces, there are no more “hey-what-are-you-doing?” get-togethers. If you want to see people, you usually have to plan days—if not, weeks—in advance. I have friends that range from five minutes away to halfway around the world. Sometimes I see the latter ones more often than the ones who are five minutes away.

Your mail is not as fun as it used to be.

Receiving mail as a child was always invigorating. It meant somebody took the time to actually send you something. Now it usually involves just another bill or a scam that gets your hopes up about winning a million dollars.

You start receiving more wedding invitations than party invitations.

I have six weddings to attend in the next year, and I’m sure a few more will pop up from time to time.

You get practical things for birthdays and Christmases, and you’re pleased about them.

If someone would have gotten you pots and pans or a new Swiffer Sweeper for Christmas as a kid, you probably would have felt cheated. Now, those types of things are the only items on your wish list.

You use a new vocabulary with words like “fidelity,” and “retirement plan.”

You start using them and pretend they’re not intimidating.

You stop dating for fun because anyone you can’t see a future with just isn’t worth the trouble.

Your schedule is busy, so if they come with too much baggage or the chemistry isn’t there, you just roll the dice again.

Your family and older friends start asking about when to expect kids.

I’m starting to get questions about that all the time, as if the abundance of wedding invitations I’m receiving isn’t enough of a reminder that the clock is ticking.

You’d rather stay in and watch a movie on a Saturday night than get out.

You have to be in a good mood, the moon must be full, you have to be having a good hair day, and your favorite T.V. show must be in its off season in order for you to actually want to do anything else.

You’re always tired. Always.

No nap is long enough or coffee cup deep enough to change that.

The term “reunion” isn’t equated with long-lost family, but with friends like from, you know, high school.

You once saw them five days per week and now suddenly Jamie has three kids and Brad is living in South Dakota.

You have certain urges to be a kid and then remember that ship has sailed.

You often want to glide on shopping carts down the aisles of the supermarket or get on your neighbor’s trampoline to do a flip, but then you remember that you’re an adult and doing such things is childish.

You know what I say to that? Bull.

While you shouldn’t constantly act like a kid, let your inner child out every now and then. If you want to flip on the trampoline, then you risk that chiropractor bill and do a backflip. If you want to glide through the supermarket, then by golly, you get a speedy start, put both feet on the shopping cart, and soar. If it’s been a long week and you want to eat chocolate cake for dinner and nothing else, go for it. Because while being an adult can sometimes be fun, sometimes it bites. And what makes it better? Pretending you’re not one.

So, here’s to all the other twenty-somethings out there. Enjoy adulthood, but never fully grow up.

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