Picturesque as a Shamrock

September 26, 2014

Top of the morning to ya! Guess who’s in Ireland.
We’re docked in Dublin and there is actually green everywhere. It’s not a stereotype! It’s cool!
There is just something about seeing Ireland though…

When one goes to a foreign place, he/she must view something that represents that country to officially “see” that place. Well, the most wonderful thing about Ireland is you can go anywhere, absolutely anywhere, here and really see the country because that’s just part of the Irish experience. You don’t have to pay to walk through a museum. You don’t have to drive for miles to a tourist destination. You can walk along the shores or take a winding road and just be surrounded by the Irish countryside to really get the Irish feel – and that’s precisely what I did.

Some of my friends -Sarab, Josh, Bree, Adolfo, Cali, Carey, Susan – and I took a fifteen-minute train ride to a little town called Bray. While there, we went geochacheing and walked along the coast.






We climbed a mountain and just took a seat at the top. Taking a moment to just sit and marvel at the picturesque landscape was a moment I’ll always cherish.


Now that I’ve been a real maple sap, I’ll show you the Cliffs of Moher. I took a bus to the cliffs and over the course of the ride I couldn’t take my eyes of the landscape. There were SO MANY pictures taken. I wanted to document every blade of grass! Everything was just so darn beautiful!


Upon arrival to the Cliffs of Moher, this scene welcomed me. Just take a moment and ponder at these.


Last one.


I lied. This one’s my favorite.


Bottom line: I don’t think a bad picture can be made in Ireland. Can somebody put this on a postcard?

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