Riding the Waves

August 26, 2014
On day four of our voyage we are passing through the Kiel Canal (that’s Germany) on our way to Russia. We’ve been passing through for hours now and I’m actually ready to hit the open sea again. Here’s a cool pic though.

Seasickness has not taken me yet, although some of my friends haven’t been as lucky. People are popping motion sickness pills like candy.

The rocking of the ship takes a little getting accustomed to. Walking in a straight line is sometimes difficult, because there will be a shift from a wave and gravity does its thing. Sleeping with the waves is actually soothing. I like being rocked to sleep at night.

As far as food, it’s pretty good, just a little repetitive. For example, there will be some form of pasta and potatoes for a meal every single day. Eating it on one of the decks while overlooking the ocean is pretty amazing though.

Classes started yesterday and they’re cool in the fact that even though they’re different subjects, most of them can trace back to the parts of the world we’re traveling to. I only had one class today at 1:00 and I literally slept until 11:00 today. I’m seven hours ahead of my home’s time zone. It’s almost dinnertime here and the fact that it’s still morning at home kind of wigs me out. Oh well. Good morning, y’all.

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