A Summer Day in the Life of a College Student

People have this preconceived notion that college students live such extraordinary lives in the summer. Yes, we will have the occasional road trip, or theme park visit, or social media post that will make others think we are always up to something exciting. However, it’s usually quite routine.

The following is an average day for a college student like myself (cough cough, this may or may not have been an entire day of mine mapped out) during summer vacation.

11:00am—- Get up. “Oh my gosh the stupid sun is shining right in my eyes.”

11:10am—- I’m hungry. Look in the cabinet. Nothing. Look in the fridge. Nothing. Back to the cabinet. I decide to eat a pop tart.

11:20am—- Think about brushing my teeth but can’t conjure the willpower to go upstairs and do it.

11:21am—- Check Twitter.

11:23am—- Check Instagram.

11:25am—- Check Facebook.

11:27am—- Check Twitter again.

11:35am—- Text message! “Hey come 2 swim w us.” Thank God, something to do.

11:36am—- I should really brush my teeth. I have morning breath.

11:42am—- Navigate to friend’s pool.

12:02pm—- Arrive to see friends already there.

12:05pm—- Should I put on sunscreen? Nah, they’re already swimming. It hasn’t even been sunny since it shined in my eyes this morning.

12:06pm—- Cannonball!!! Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.

12:35pm—- Regret not putting on sunscreen.

12:45pm—- Go back home.

1:15pm—– I should probably run.

1:20pm—– Run.

1:45pm—– Oh, dear Lord I’m dying.

1:55pm—– Take a shower.

2:05pm—– Put on aloe lotion to combat sunburn.

2:15pm—– Lunch time. A hot pocket sounds good.

2:45pm—– Call from work: “Hey, can you come in an hour early?”

2:46pm—– Dang it.

2:47pm—– Put on work uniform. Ouch! It hurts to put on clothes over the sunburn.

2:50pm—– Commence drive to summer job. All the radio stations are on commercial breaks except for one playing Miley Cyrus. I listen to it anyway because “Wrecking Ball” is so darn catchy.

2:55pm—– Sit in road construction for five minutes.

3:01pm—– Awww. Bunny rabbit. Thump. Road kill. Dang it, now I feel bad.

3:10pm—– Arrive at work and clock in. “You’re ten minutes late.” “I was called in, so technically I am fifty minutes early.”

3:35pm—– Restaurant life is so invigorating.

3:50pm—– Deal with ignorant customer who thinks that I am too young to know jack about the world.

4:15pm—– Clean the toxic toilets at the workplace. A man needs to learn how to aim and a woman needs some Activia.

4:22pm—– The glove I’m wearing to clean the toilets breaks and I’m worried about catching communicable diseases.

6:00pm—– Somebody just had a realllllly big order. Holy moly, they spent over $200.

8:00pm—– Prepare for closing time.

8:40pm—– Anxiously look at the clock to see how much longer until closing time.

8:55pm—– A messy family of four comes in five minutes before closing time. Sigh.

9:25pm—– The family gets done eating. It is now twenty-five minutes past closing time.

9:30pm—– The family decides to stay and call their grandmother.

9:35pm—– Are you freaking kidding me?

9:50pm—– The family leaves and I forcefully lock the door.

9:51pm—– Crank the jukebox and do closing rituals.

10:10pm—- Meet friends at McDonald’s for a late night dinner.

10:12pm—- McDonald’s gets my order wrong. Typical.

10:23pm—- My friends deciding if we are going to do anything else: “Y’all want to do something?” “What else is there to do?” “We could go to the movies?” “We’re too late for that.” “Bowling?” “I don’t want to drive that far.” “Uhm, we could just sit here.” “Maybe.” “We could ride around.”

10:30pm—- Ride around in each other’s vehicles for fifteen minutes.

10:45pm—- End up back at McDonald’s parking lot.

10:46pm—- “What else can we do?” “There’s nothing TO do.” Oh well, let’s just go home.” “See you guys.”

10:50pm—- Commence drive home.

11:05pm—- Almost hit a suicidal deer.

11:07pm—- Almost hit another suicidal deer.

11:10pm—- Arrive home. My mother has fallen asleep watching Sweet Home Alabama on the couch.

11:15pm—- Brush my teeth and take another shower. My sunburn is still sweltering.

11:27pm—- Check Twitter.

11:29pm—- Check Instagram.

11:31pm—- Check Facebook.

11:33pm—- Check Twitter again.

11:40pm—- Decide on watching Netflix.

11:45pm—- Get drawn into a series.

2:45am—– Three hours later. Is it really almost 3am??? Wow. I should probably go to bed now.

2:46am—– Plug in phone.

2:47am—– Check Twitter.

2:49am—– Check Instagram.

2:51am—– Check Facebook.

2:53am—– Check Twitter again.

3:00am—– Goodnight.

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