If Caffeine’s a Drug, Call Me an Addict

I am not addicted to caffeine. Some days I only have a few cups a day, except when I need to be awake for long periods of time or I need a little pick-me-up. I only crave it a couple times a day. I could skip it in the morning if I wanted to, maybe.

Wow, those words were my own and they sound ridiculous even to me!

Okay, I may be dependent on my caffeine, but I would sometimes be a zombie without it. For example, last night I stayed up until 2:00 am doing homework and studying. I was running short on time this morning and didn’t get to stand in the Starbucks line or grab a soda. I almost fell asleep in my first class and barely stumbled to the food court afterwards for a caffeinated beverage.

Mello Yello gives me life. I may or may not get headaches if I go long periods of time without it. (I’m not helping my case here, am I?)

I also (like every other college student eventually discovers) have discovered coffee. I’m getting to rely more and more on white chocolate mocha espressos. When my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I replied, “A Starbucks gift card.” Don’t judge me.

I drink my fair share of water, milk, and juice. So I’m not completely unhealthy. I also – believe it or not – do NOT drink energy drinks, which is abnormal for people my age. So at least I’m healthier than people who drink those, right?

Okay, I may have a problem. My friends actually want to give me an intervention. One ditched my Mello Yello last night while I was cramming and it was as if life-support had been cut off. What are this? Why must I depend on caffeine to fuel me? I may never know. Hopefully I can wean myself off or at least cut back. That, or transfer my addiction to something drastic like running in a tutu or eating laundry detergent. I could do the latter and get on that addiction T.V. show!

If you have a strange addiction or know how to get me off the caffeine, be sure to comment!

2 thoughts on “If Caffeine’s a Drug, Call Me an Addict

  1. Running in a tutu for you would be drastic!! I know a girl that could hook you up!! 😉 And, eating laundry detergent? That’s already been done. You would need something even more bizarre like…. well I can’t think of anything that some idiot out there hasn’t already tried! And, what’s so wrong with a little caffene addiction anyway? I may(or may not) drink 64 ounces of coke zero in a day! wink wink!! Love the blog… keep them coming!! Maybe a weekend home (and seeing me) will give you inspiration for some posts next week!!

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